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Funded by the Google News Initiative, JourLance is a dynamic platform that connects talented journalists with publishers to create high-quality, diverse projects covering science, technology, the environment, health, innovations, and sustainability. It is one of the projects created under the umbrella of SciComm X, a science and sustainability communication consultancy that assists its partners and clients in driving social, economic, and environmental impact.

At JourLance, our mission is to democratize the media and bring new, unique voices to media organizations. We believe in equal opportunities for all, providing freelancing opportunities for journalists worldwide and empowering publishers to access the best science journalists without location limitations. With our platform, we strive to make the world of science and technology more accessible, diverse, and inclusive.

So how does it work?

JourLance works by enabling publishers to post pitching calls, ideas for commissioning, and hiring announcements while our verified journalists can submit their pitches and apply for job and task opportunities. Our rigorous verification process ensures that our journalists are experts in their field, raising the bar for quality science journalism that exceeds expectations for our clients. We aim to be the go-to platform for science and technology related tasks, jobs, and training fostering a vibrant and innovative community of publishers and journalists worldwide.

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Is Your Science Journalism Up to Par? Check out JourLance's Membership Criteria

At JourLance, we value the quality of content and expertise of our members. We carefully review each application to ensure that our members meet our criteria for journalistic experience and qualifications. To join JourLance, you must fulfil at least three of the following criteria:

  • Have a degree in science journalism.
  • Have a degree in science communication.
  • Have a working experience of at least 3 years in a science-related media platform.
  • Have at least five published science-related stories.
  • Published science-related stories on a renowned local media platform. Published science-related stories on a renowned international media platform.
  • An editorial staff member in a science-related media platform.

If you’re passionate about science journalism and meet our criteria, we’d love to have you on board to join our community of top-notch journalists.