Alexandra Taylor

Freelance science writer and editor

Member since May 2023

I’m a writer and editor with 7 years of experience working with outlets like Chemical & Engineering News and Science News Explores. I specialize in opinion editing and editorial project management, and I love telling stories about science and sustainable technology.

Stories behind paywall—pdfs available on request.

  1. ACS celebrates its 2021 Heroes of Chemistry: An award story highlighting advancements in chemistry, most of them pharmaceutical-related
  2. Louise Slade, food scientist, dies at 74: An obituary honoring Louise Slade, a pioneer of food science
  3. Jack Dunitz, crystallography pioneer, dies at 98: An obituary honoring Jack Dunitz, a pioneer of crystallography
  4. A puzzling parachute, and epistles exposed: A father-son duo cracks the code to an encouraging message that mission engineers had sewn into Perseverance's parachute. Plus, researchers virtually unfold a trove of locked letters
  5. Modern tools characterize corpses and sequence sacred texts: Researchers use protein sampling to explore a mummy's cause of death and sequence parchment from the Dead Sea Scrolls

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