Alysha Huxley

Science communicator

Member since Jul 2023

Ms Alysha Huxley is a science communicator with around 4 years industry experience. She is a passionate science writer with experience creating content for websites, brochures, media articles, reports and strategies. Alysha also manages the creation of infographics, videos and animations, using engaging visual formats to communicate complex science messages. 

Alysha is experienced at project management and, initiating and cultivating strong relationships with clients.

An experienced science presenter, Alysha has often spoken on radio about scientific breakthroughs. She has been published in local newspapers, CSIRO publications and various other Australian government reports. She has a double degree from Monash University in environmental science and journalism.


Publications written through science communication company Scientell


Australian Antarctic Division workshop reports 

 A series of reports about the science in Antarctica over the next few years. Collected information through running workshops with scientists and then distilled this.


National Science Week 2022 Celebrating First Nations Science
Interviewed a series of First Nations people’s about their science and cultural practises and how these fit in with National Science Week to encourage more Australians to learn about this.


ACT State of the Environment – report for young people

Re-wrote the policy maker report to make it accessible for young people.


Publications written under own by-line


2021 - CSIRO – One house to save many 
A story about how Australia (and the world) needs houses that can withstand extreme climate and weather events. I interviewed scientists who are working on this project. It was published in one of Australia’s most esteemed science collections.


2018 - Long-from piece about wild dogs in Gippsland, published in paper copy of Gippsland Farmer
I wrote an article about the environmental and social impacts of wild dogs in the Australian bush. This was an investigative piece over many months with many interviews and it was designed and implemented by me.




2020 – present – I have a regular science segment with ABC Gippsland and speak occasionally on ABC Melbourne with Sammy J.

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