Andrew J Wight

Science Journalist

Member since Aug 2023

I'm an Australian science journalist based in Cali, Colombia covering STEM in The Global South. I'm the current Vice-President of the Colombian Association of Science Journalism (ACPC) and helped organize the 12th World Conference of Science Journalists, with 600+ attendees in Medellin, Colombia.

In Colombia, biodiversity researchers seek relief from regulatory red tape 

Colombia creates its first science ministry
Country-wide structural and cultural changes must occur to truly improve the nation's research environment, scientists say.

Volcanic Lava Lake Belts Out Its Secrets in Seismic “Songs”
A cacophony of magma displacements and volcanic gases recorded underneath Kīlauea’s roiling lake of lava could one day provide information to help predict future eruptions.

In the Bombast of an American TV Host, Colonial Science Lives On

An American TV “adventurer” claimed he found a rare reptile, but it was already documented by a Colombian researcher.

What The US Could Learn From Nigeria’s Response To The COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

Nigerian experts talk about the COVID-19 lessons for the US.

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