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Pat Robert LARUBI is a renowned journalist, television show host, rights activist, social entrepreneur, and philanthropist in Northern Uganda, building values at the intersection of Journalism, Activism, Philanthropy, Community, and Family Life.
I am currently working as News editor at WanLuo TV, a franchise of Vision Group, but with cross-cutting years of media experience ranging from broadcast, Print, Digital media, public relations and management skills, I have worked with a number of CSOs in communication capacities. I #AnLarubi

Under Debate: The Origins of Mysterious Neurological Disease

Some health authorities say that nodding syndrome is likely caused by a parasite, but questions remain.

Nodding syndrome Horror: Agony of Government’s long silence

Monica Alaroker is 18 years old. Since 2006,” a condition that weakens the neck muscles and makes the head to loll on the shoulders. I

Cissy Nagawa and Brenda AretoKotber are two of a kind. They are disabled and fashion designers. Both were initially normal walking human beings, but by the fault of fate, they became unduly crippled. -

5 Years Later, Sophia seeks justice for Husband who died to save daughter with albinism.

Kizala Sophia continues to pray that justice can be delivered for her husband whose life was cut shot on mythical thinking. -

A living Hell: The Plight, hopelessness of refugee with Albinism Inside Nakivale Camp.

Life can be tormenting for PWA but enduring that trauma while at the same time bearing the burden comes with fleeing your home to live as a refugee in a foreign land is too much to brave.


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