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I have been a journalist since 2005, I worked for the newspaper ''Le Paradoxe'', then for the newspaper ''Adjinakou'', then for ''Point Média'' and currently I collaborate with ''l'Afrique en Marche''.  Here is an article announcing a book release.   This is the opening of the first session of the Assize Court of 2015 at the Cotonou Court of Appeal      This article talks about the installation of the members of the Executive Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Benin (Ccib)     This article talks about the headache that the Recomposition of the parliamentary group “National Cohesion and Peace” constitutes in the Beninese National Assembly for the then deputy Candide Azannai   This article is about teachers threatening to go on strike.   This article discusses the observations of the bishops of West Africa on the crisis in Niger.


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