Asya Diaa

Science journalist

Member since Jun 2023

Motivated Content writer, Science Journalist, Scientific fact-checker,
and Teaching Assistant with an MSc degree in organic chemistry in
addition to my background in other Chemistry branches, and
Geology education. Positive role model and strong interest in
science, research, journalism, and writing.

1- Africa is the most affected.. 20% of the world's wild mammals are threatened with extinction by the year 2100 

2-New technology to monitor endangered species in the marine environment
The research provides an example of how innovative monitoring methods can be employed to obtain reliable data on rare and endangered species.

3-Beethoven's genome sequencing reveals his health

4-It can track the movement of atoms within a substance. A new camera is 250 times faster than existing ones.

5-At a distance of only 31 light years.. the discovery of a new Earth-like planet that may be suitable for living


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