Hai Nguyen

Lecturer and Freelance Science Writer

Member since Jul 2023

Hai Nguyen (MSc)  is a lecturer in the Department of Liberal Arts Education at a university in Ho Chi Minh City. He teaches subjects such as Critical Thinking and Argumentation, and Science in everyday life. Having worked in many educational institutions with diverse learners and teachers, he is interested in researching science curriculum at the macro level (national and international) and how to teach science in education classes.

In addition, in Vietnam, he is also known as a science writer and communicator whose works is well received by readers and audiences. His writings formed at the intersection of science and art, in the natural world and human society, have been published in major newspapers and on the author's own blog.

  • The 10-billion-dollar binoculars and the desire for looking into the past https://thetoobluescientist.com/james-webb-telescope/
  • Science as a language https://thetoobluescientist.com/neu-xem-khoa-hoc-la-mot-ngonngu/
  • What to learn when learning science? https://thetoobluescientist.com/hoc-khoa-hocla-hoc-gi/
  • Since he couldn't say hello, he hung up. A story about my brother who has stuttering: https://thetoobluescientist.com/noi-lap/

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