Camilla Price, Environmental Reporter

Freelance Environmental Reporter; Social Media Manager

Member since Oct 2023

Camilla Price has reported more than 20 news stories about wildlife and the environment for general audiences and managed the public outreach efforts, including creating social media posts, blogs, and videos, for the nonprofit Texas Conservation Alliance.  In addition, she has written for TCU Magazine, including a popular feature about medical school students serving the community. Her strong research background, including work studying urban habitat use in bats and surveying wildlife populations on a national wildlife refuge, gives unique perspective to her writing. Currently, she is seeking opportunities to write environmental news and feature stories as a staff reporter or freelancer.

Med Students on a Mission: Three future doctors are serving the Fort Worth community through their own initiatives, focusing on mental health, sustainability, and boosting confidence for low-income students.

Butterfly effect: Bill provides hope for declining Texas wildlife: The Recovering America's Wildlife Act would fund conservation efforts to save the threatened and little-known "nongame" species that make up 90% of Texas wildlife, from the Acacia fairy shrimp to the zone-tailed hawk.

Ready to launch: Students create app to make meteorite gallery more inclusive: The curator of one of the largest meteorite galleries in the world joined forces with senior computer science students to develop an app to make museum learning at TCU more accessible for visually impaired visitors.

Riff ram bah zoo: TCU joins fight to save horned lizards: Part one of a two-part longform series about TCU students saving the mascot, this story focuses on local conservation of the Texas horned lizard.

TCU iNaturalist project brings students closer to campus wildlife: The TCU iNaturalist project introduces students to community science and to the species they encounter on campus every day.

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