Ebrahim Fayed

journalist, content writer, Proofreader and translator

Member since Oct 2023

Iam a journalist for a number of Egyptian and Arab newspapers and magazines, Economic Content Editor and PR for "Jaread investment and real estate development" in USA, a proofreader at Microsoft for developing a Skype chatting system, Spokesman and media advisor for the "Workers and Peasants National Council", Radio editor for "soundeals", the largest voiceover in the Arab world, a literary editor with a contract and a freelance in a number of Egyptian and Arab publishing houses, and an editor-in-chief and disc head for some news sites, Experience in Arabizing a number of foreign versions of news platforms and websites for American and European companies.

Attached (some) links for my editorial and translation archives in Egyptian and foreign newspapers and literary sites:






In addition to my participation in preparing some programs, and proofreading a large number of books and novels for Arab and foreign publishing houses.

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