Farhana Haque Nila

Senior Reporter

Member since Dec 2023

I have chosen journalism as profession from my childhood passion on writing short stories and poems. A training on TV journalism organized by the University of Oklahoma, USA, created the first scope to work in media and I started my career from a weekly magazine ‘‘Generation Today’’ in 2008. During the last 15 years, I worked for ATN Bangla, Mohona TV like renown television channels with experiences of both successes and challenges. Recently I am working as a senior Reporter at ``News Now Bangla’’ online portal.

I got the opportunity to work as a researcher in a documentary program on ATN Bangla TV channel in 2009 after a one-month training on TV journalism at the National Media Institute.  In 2010, I joined ‘‘Mohona TV’’ as a staff reporter and worked for 9 long years till 2019.

Among my success stories, I won the second Best Journalist Award of Bangladesh Women Lawyers Association for reporting on women's rights in 2011, the "Bondhu Social Welfare Media Fellowship" award for reporting on third genders in 2017, the Tourism Industry Journalist Fellowship for Tourism Reporting Fellowship in 2018 and the "Action Aid Young Journalist Fellowship" in 2019.

But all my successes were not warmly accepted by many of my colleagues. I was terminated from Mohona TV during the Covid pandemic time without any prior notice which i was confident was nothing but over an issue of sexually harassment I protested against a news editor just before the pandemic. Till the issue remained unsettled and I continue fighting for my rights.

As a case regarding sexually harassment and injustice on me is under court, it has been hard for me to get a new job in the male dominated Bangladesh media. But I did not give up and I continued to develop my skill and participated trainings in Reuters, BBC, and DW Academy online after losing the job.

In 2020, I started working as a senior reporter in ‘‘News Now Bangla’’ online portal and won the  ``Asia Journalism Fellowship 2022’’ Worldwide Science Journalism Forum Fellowship 2022.`` Internews Let's Talk Vaccines South Asia Media Fellowship 2023’’, ``International Journalist & writer’s Forum Schoolarship 2023’’ ``EMK & Bangladesh International Journalist Forum Fellowship 2023’’

In Bangladesh I got ``Safty & security movement budget media fellowship 2022’’ & "Action for Social Development Media Fellowship 2021" in the online category for publishing news about child sex workers.

I am also trying to prove my skill global context. Some article of mine was published in the International Web Asia Democracy Chronicles (ADC) web. 

Having completed Master of Commerce from the department of Management from National University.

I am determining to work on human rights, and started my mission to serve the deprived people of the society.

My current challenge is to keep up my zeal on journalism profession.

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