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1: https://www.meer.com/en/62871-the-healing-properties-of-coffe

Coffee’s origin was in Ethiopia. Coffee’s use then spread from Ethiopia up through Egypt and Yemen. From its introduction to Yemen, coffee soon spread throughout the Arab world.The coffee bean begins life on one of the several shrubs in the genus Coffea. The most commonly utilized coffee shrubs are Coffea Canephora which are known for producing Robusta coffee, and Coffea Arabica which is known for producing Arabica coffee.

2: https://www.meer.com/en/62029-the-great-wall

The Great Wall stood as a wall of defense for many years, and It still stands today as a great wonder of the world. It is a man-made wonder, spanning thousands of kilometers. Much of it has stood for hundreds of years, with some portions over 2000 years old.

3: https://www.meer.com/en/51588-the-art-of-cupping-therapy

The cupping therapy has been used in China for thousands of years. The cupping therapy in its primitive form using cattle horn was used primarily to withdraw pus and blood in the treatment of boils. Cupping was then used as an auxiliary method in traditional Chinese surgery, and in time developed into a special therapeutic method.

4: https://www.meer.com/en/74004-panax-ginseng-the-king-of-herbs

Ginseng is often called "the King of Herbs," for its ability to improve physical energy, making the mind sharper and increasing life span. Unlike popular stimulants, ginseng does not cause stress or adverse effect on our health.Instead, it counters stress, enhances immunity, improves the actions of the heart and lungs, regulates blood pressure and blood sugar, protects the liver, helps prevent hardening of the arteries and is an antioxidant.

5: https://www.meer.com/en/48260-anxiety-and-depression-disorders

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental illnesses. Current treatments worldwide are not standardized nor effective as we would wish for, suggesting deeper understanding of the causes of anxiety. To understand anxiety disorders, it is necessary to understand the normal anxiety response. Very basic approach in understanding anxiety is to determine its causes and normal responses.

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