Kalana Krishantha Hettiarachchi

Editor - Climate Fact Checks and Fact Crescendo Sri Lanka

Member since Jun 2023

I am Kalana , currently working as the editor of climate fact checks and fact crescendo - Sri Lanka .I am a graduate of psychology and currently following MSc in mass media and communication. I have experiences as a journalist around a decade and interested in the areas of science communication as well as environmental justice.

There were viral rumours in Sri Lanka stating that the forest coverage of Sri Lanka shrinked upto 16% withrespect to whole land area.As a editor of FactCrescendo Sri Lanka I did a fact on it and found that the claim is misleading.The fact check can be read from below link.


I am working as the editor of Climate Fact Checks also and there was a rumour which say there was a snow falling in Kandy city which happenned in first time in the history as a result of the global climate change.I did a fact check on it and found out that the incident occured due to saponin secreting from trees.The fact check can be read below.


Few years ago, I wrote articles to the famous website of Sri Lanka ,Groundviews .There has been a controversy about the Norochcholai coal power plant in Sri Lanka and related environmental polluction ,connected with it.I wrote an analysis about it to the Groundviews website and article can be read below.


There has been a increase in Sri Lanka`s peacock population during past few years.I wrote a fact check article about that and tried to find out what are the main reasons for that and found out that deforestation played a lead role in it from reducing the predators of peacocks.The web link of article is below.


In a global level, there has been a question whether the human kind can survive fossil fuels ??The answer is "Yes".The related I did can be read via below web link.






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