Kate Travis

freelance editor & project manager

Member since Jun 2023

Kate Travis is a freelance editor, project manager and consultant with a concentration on science news for a broad range of audiences. She serves as the managing editor of CASW Connector, a curated database of resources for science writing and communication. Previously Kate was the digital director at Science News, a century-old magazine on scientific research and discovery, where she was the product manager of the Science News website and oversaw digital news production, video, multimedia, analytics, newsletters and audience engagement. She authored a chapter on measuring success for The Tactical Guide to Science Journalism (Oxford University Press, 2022) and has recently presented at the annual meetings of the News Product Alliance and the National Association of Science Writers, and at SRCCON:CARE, a conference on caring as a practice at the intersection of journalism and tech.

I am primarily an editor and project manager, so do not have many science news clips. But here are a few recent things I've written:

Author of “Measuring Success in Science Journalism,” in A Tactical Guide to Science Journalism: Lessons from the Front Lines; Deborah Blum, Ashley Smart and Tom Zeller Jr., eds.; Oxford University Press, May 2022.

‘Gory Details’ dives into the morbid, the taboo — and our minds, book review, Science News.

What will be the big science stories of 2019? Here are our predictions, year in review, Science News.

Mix of metals in this Picasso sculpture provides clues to its mysterious origins, Science News.

Revisiting the science stories that made us cry, think and say ‘OMG’ in 2017. Science News.

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