Lakshmi Chandrasekaran

Freelance journalist

Member since May 2023

I am a freelance science writer based in Chicago, United States. I have a master's degree in science communication from Northwestern University and a doctorate in applied mathematics from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

As a Comer Fellow for Environmental Reporting I've covered several article pertaining to climate change. In addition, I have published several articles on application of mathematics in Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Science News, Quanta and the Plus Math Magazine. My clips about the work of material scientists engineering materials for space travel have been published in the Astronomy magazine. I've covered the history and current state of silicon chips and transistors for the MIT Tech Review.

Furthermore, my stories on a wide gamut of topics including economics, climate change and biology have been published in the English language newspaper of Germany, The Munich Eye.

Previously, I was a science liaison at the Alzheimer's Association based in Chicago. In my role, I simplified a range of complex research topics funded by the Association into compelling, easy-to-digest impactful reports that raised awareness about dementia research among the Association's various constituents including the general public.

Please refer to my website for several sample clips pertaining to my freelance work.

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