Lise Brix

Science journalist

Member since Jun 2023

Lise Brix has worked as a science journalist for more than a decade. Since 2013 she has worked at - Denmarks leading popular science media. In 2021 she initiated and led the creation of’s award winning guide to science journalism, which is now translated into 3 languages. Apart from writing science stories she has taught science journalism in several countries – from Denmark to Greenland, Tanzania and Ghana.

In this award-winning guide, the Danish popular science media has compiled 11 tips for journalists on how to avoid typical blunders in science reporting. The guide brings forward examples of’s own mistakes and experiences during 15 years of reporting on science, and it was created in collaboration with a wealth of researchers, journalists and journalism students - the project was led and initiated by Lise Brix. The guide was recently translated to English and is freely available to anyone online.

An interview with the father of DNA - James Watson - published in the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten in 2012

An interview with astrophysicist and Nobel Laureate Saul Pearlmutter and other researchers on what happened before Big Bang (2015, 

The story behind a recent paper in Science solving the mystery of how toothed whales make their incredible sounds (, 2023)

The story of a 24 year old Danish researcher who's behind a Nature study showing an unexpected side of kilonovas (, 2023)

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