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Laurel Neme is a freelance journalist and author. She contributes regularly to National Geographic and, and is the author of ANIMAL INVESTIGATORS: How the World’s First Wildlife Forensics Lab is Solving Crimes and Saving Endangered Species. She also writes for children. She has contributed to New York Times for Kids Magazine, Muse Magazine and others and has written two non-fiction picture books ORANGUTAN HOUDINI, and THE ELEPHANT’S NEW SHOE from Scholastic. Learn more at

National Geographic, over 70 articles. See for detail, or find lists at either: or Includes:

• Canadian Oil Company Illegally Bulldozes Protected Land in Africa
• U.S. concerns grow over oil exploration in the Okavango region
• Oil exploration company in Okavango wilderness misled investors, complaint to SEC says
• Oil company exploring in sensitive elephant habitat accused of ignoring community concerns • Test drilling for oil in Namibia’s Okavango region poses toxic risk
• Oil drilling, possibly fracking planned for Okavango region—elephants’ last stronghold
• This 'Rhino Court' Had 100 Percent Poacher Convisions. Why Was it Closed?, multiple articles, Complete list at: Includes:

• Snares: Low-tech, low-profile killers of rare wildlife the world over
• Two threated whale groups had a mini baby boom, but not because of lockdown
• Life and new limbs: Creative thinking, 3D printers save injured wildlife
• Taylor and Tate: Canine-human teams rescue Australia's fire-ravaged koalas
• What does it take to discover a new great ape species
• Tripa's Trials: protecting key orangutan habitat through the courts
• Journey to oblivion: unraveling Latin America's illegal wildlife trade
• Wildlife forensics unmask poachers and traffickers
• The Dark Side of New Species Discovery

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