Leila Okahata

Science & Health Writer

Member since Oct 2023

I am an early-career science & health writer with a bachelor's degree in microbiology with a minor in professional writing from UCLA. I am currently looking for career opportunities in Science Writing and Communications. I was a news reporter for UCLA's Daily Bruin for 2 years and was an editorial intern at the Allen Institute in 2022. I enjoy writing on a kaleidoscope of topics, with a keen interest in the life sciences (biology. neuroscience, and medicine) and biotechnology, and am skilled in writing engaging and scientifically accurate stories that explore the human side of science.

  1. News story: UCLA Health assembled a giant, inflatable colon in celebration of colon cancer awareness (https://dailybruin.com/2023/03/12/ucla-health-walks-community-through-risks-symptoms-of-colorectal-cancer)
  2. Patient feature story and guide to donating your brain to science (https://alleninstitute.org/news/so-you-want-to-donate-your-brain-to-science/)
  3. News story: UCLA researchers found that experiences with racism and discrimination can impact the health of the brain and the body, particularly the gut microbiome. (https://dailybruin.com/2023/02/07/ucla-study-finds-discriminatory-experiences-affect-health-of-brain-body)
  4. Feature article: Exploration of the meaning of aging and epigenetic clocks (https://alleninstitute.org/news/dnas-molecular-wrinkles-why-you-might-be-older-or-younger-than-you-think/)
  5. Podcast episode: Bumblebees can suffer from social isolation, impacting the development of their brains and social behaviors. (https://alleninstitute.org/news/lab-notes-bees-suffer-from-social-isolation-too/)

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