Paweł Górecki

Freelance editor, journalist

Member since Jun 2023

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I am a seasoned media professional with managerial experience, broad understanding of current media landscape, technology, science, business and society, and a proven record of journalistic accomplishments.




2022 – present, Freelance editor, journalist, translator working for ICAN institute, Polityka Insight.


2018 – 2022, MIT Sloan Management Review Polska – editor-in-chief and managing editor responsible for creating Polish version of a respectable American quarterly about management and technology.


2017- 2019     Przekrój Quarterly– science writer


2015- 2019     Harvard Business Review Polska – editor


2013 –  2015   Gazeta Wyborcza -  business and technology journalist, author of  cover stories, about technology’s impact on society


2005 – 2013     Newsweek Polska – science and technology journalist, author and co-author of a dozen of cover stories.


2000 –  2004      Wprost – science and technology journalist.


1999 – 2000       Rzeczpospolita – science and technology journalist





2011 – 2012, Knight Science Journalism Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – a two semester academic program, full of seminars with a possibility for auditing any class at MIT and Harvard.


1992 – 1998 University of Warsaw, Philosophy – master’s degree




2016   European Science Writers Award, by Euroscience Foundation




Polish - native

English – fluent

French  – good

Russian – basic

German – basic

Italian – basic

Chinese - basic


PRIVATE LIVE: Married, two kids.

An article about gravitational wave detection after a visit in Virgo near Pisa, Italy. Przekrój Quarterly

An article about nuclear fusion, after a visit in Wendelstein Stelarator 7-X in Max Planck Institute in Germany. Przekrój Quarterly

An article about high-frequency trading, how technology changes Wall Street. Przekrój Quarterly

My editorial to an issue of MIT Sloan Management Review Polska. I used to be and editor in chief of that magazine

One of the interviews I did for MIT Sloan Management Review Polska

One of may articles I wrote for this biggest daily newspaper in Poland,177151,16755602,licz-maile-jak-kalorie-czas-na-diete-informacyjna.html

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