Paz Belén Santander Tapia

Science journalist

Member since May 2023

I'm a science journalist with high-achievement motivation, high capacity for analysis and planning. I enjoy working with interdisciplinary teams in educational centers and knowledge production environments with a high commitment to the development of education, innovation, and science. There, I have had the opportunity to democratize academic production in various formats designed for non-academic target audiences.


In my current role at the Human Computation Institute, I coordinate interdisciplinary and international teams for the development of linking material and development of voluntary events with institutions such as Girls Scouts and Microsoft. I have media training as a producer, in addition to five years linked to academic institutions and as a outreach advisor for research centers and projects. In addition, I advise voluntary initiatives of young researchers.

  • News releases
  • Media training
  • Communication campaigns development
  • Social network management
  • Strong organizational capability
  • Interdisciplinary teams coordination
  • Organization and management of academic activities and for non-academic audiences
  • Good research skills

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