Richard Bednarski

Freelance Multimedia Journalist

Member since Jun 2023

With a background in Anthropology and Photography, I hold a Master’s Degree in Journalism. My storytelling works to not just illuminate the climate crisis, but help distill the complexities of science for the everyday reader. Visual storytelling is a lifelong passion of mine and I draw from my experiences as an archaeologist and a father of two in order to connect with communities.

As a cinematographer, I have helped create two award-winning documentary films, On the Record: A century of Journalism Education at Nevada and Piconland: The Quest for the Perfect Picon Punch, which one Best Nevada Film at the 2023 Dam Short Film Festival

  1. In rewilding a pocket of pristine antelope habitat, volunteers turn to fence removal
    2. This story looks at the value of removing unused fences on a wildlife refuge to help rebuild pronghorn antelope populations.
  2.  Methane: the ugly, bad, and the good
    2. A brief synopsis of the science behind methane removal.
  3. One Less Car
    2. A story about why I ride my bike and how cycling is a viable solution to reducing carbon emissions in urban centers.
  4. Fight food insecurity through urban farming
    2. This story examines how one urban farm is fighting food insecurity.
  5. The Economics of a dark sky
    2. This story looks into the economic value of dark sky tourism. 

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