Robin Lloyd


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I am a visiting scholar in New York University’s Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program, a contributing editor at Scientific American, and president of the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing’s board of directors. My writing and editing employers have included the American Museum of Natural History, CNN, Scientific American and, with freelance work appearing in NatureNew York magazine, The New York Times and Undark among others. Awards include recognition by the Society for Environmental Journalists in 2020 for investigative work on water and sewer infrastructure repairs.

1 - A growing drinking water crisis threatens U.S. cities and towns, with recent shortages echoing myriad problems in water systems nationwide.

2. Climate change actions are for more popular than people in U.S. realize, a new study concludes. 

3. Replacing lead water pipes with plastic ones could raise new safety issues, some experts say, as U.S. towns and counties gain access to long-awaited federal funds to remove dangerous lead water pipes.

4. A gazelle fitted with the latest tracking technology was found to have traveled a distance measuring nearly half of Earth's circumference over a period of five years, raising awareness of the land needs of migratory mammals.

5. Despite hesitation, people in the U.S. are getting Covid shots, gaining confidence through informal community conversations, friends and family members:

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