P.M.Sudeepa Lakshan


Member since Jun 2023

I am an Agriculture Undergraduate (2nd year) of Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya. Also I worked as freelace Science Journalist. I write articles for Magazines and Newspapers in Sri Lanka. Also I worked as a media team member of The Sri Lankan Scientist Magazine. 

  1. The below article about investigation details revealing about the Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka, That is spread among dry zone farmers' community. This article was in Sinhala Language, So it was more helpful for normal community for understanding about Scientific background of a burning health issue in Sri Lanka.


2. The below article link about agricultural issue in Sri Lanka. During previous years Sri Lanka has faced fertilizer problem and during those days Liquid organic fertilizer run the major part in here. So this article about explaining about Organic Liquid Fertilizer in Sri Lanka.


3.  This article was published in English Language and it is explained how we use lights energy efficiently. I think that this article was more helpful for general public in Sri Lanka to choose the best quality energy efficiency bulb. Then I hope to make more sustainable country with science Journalism.


4. During economic crisis in Sri Lanka. There was a milk powder shortage. So I want to aware people about our potential to produce milk and enhance our own milk industry in Sri Lanka. So I wrote below article by interviewing Animal Science Professor about how our country can be self sufficient in milk.


5.  The below article is about new innovation during corona period. It is a Nano Face Mask that was found by team. This mask was very popular and useful innovation. So I want to aware people this valuable product and its scientific mechamism.


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