Sumeet Kulkarni

Science Writer

Member since Jun 2023

I am a Ph.D. candidate studying gravitational wave astrophysics at the University of Mississippi, and a science writer with bylines in the Los Angeles Times, Scientific American, Astrobites and India Bioscience.

    A feature piece involving researchers from five different disciplines who use sound to analyze their data, make it accessible and turn it into music!
    Light is not the first thing to come to mind when we think of pollution, but is in fact one of the most drastic ways in which we've changed our planet in the past few decades. This multi-media story talks about how light pollution affects the environment, human health and our ability to connect with the night skies.
    NASA's Voyagers, launched 45 years ago are the farthest things humans have sent out in space. This story talks about the challenges of keeping up our long-distance call with them.
    The launch of the James Webb Space Telescope was arguably the science story of 2022, but here I highlight the young voices and early career researchers who are leading observations with this new 10-billion USD facility.
    In this story I report the discovery of the world's largest bacteria found in the Caribbean mangroves that is visible to the naked eye!

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