Tadum Tadum William

Science Journalist

Member since Jul 2023

As a seasoned journalist for Echos santé and Le Calame,  wuth 5 years of experience, I have acquired extensive experience in covering a broad spectrum of topics related to health and environmental issues. These include in-depth coverage of malaria entomology surveillance, public health, and science communication. Furthermore, I have actively sought to enhance my skills and knowledge through attending six conferences and training courses in recent months. These endeavors have equipped me with the necessary tools to produce high-quality multimedia stories that are both engaging and informative. Specifically, I have honed my skills in science journalism, video editing, and mobile journalism, which have allowed me to produce content across various media platforms with ease. Over the past five years, I have written nearly 2000 articles, which is a testament to my dedication and commitment to the field of journalism.

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