Tiffany Cassidy

Journalist and Audio Producer

Member since Oct 2023

Tiffany Cassidy is a journalist and audio producer who specializes in the environment.

She focuses on feature journalism and narrative podcasts. She's produced podcasts/radio pieces for Apple (via BBC Natural History Unit), BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, The Guardian, The Conversation and others. She's written print pieces for The Washington Post, The Globe and Mail and The Guardian.

Her work has spanned from behind-the-scenes at the COP26 climate conference, to developing a new medium of storytelling for people with low vision alongside Google, to uncovering the science of dinosaurs, and beyond.

She’s based in Waterloo, Canada, near Toronto. She lived in the UK for four years, working with national media and production teams. She reported from Romania for six months, covering protests over a Canadian mining development, and the outcomes of Romanian orphans adopted internationally when communism fell. Her master’s degree in environmental policy is from Sciences Po in Paris. She started as a journalist in 2012 at the CBC in Saskatchewan.

  • I produced the official Prehistoric Planet podcast, including this episode where we dig into the science behind dinosaur speculation.

  • In this personal essay, I wrote about my experience as a test subject in the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine trial, and explored what it meant for my place in the world.

  • I produced this podcast series on the importance of classifying species and the debate around how we should do it.

  • I produced this podcast series on the science around tree planting and when it is or isn't useful for the environment.

  • I wrote this story on the science around a controversial therapy for children with cerebral palsy. 

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