Vera Novais


Member since Jul 2023

I am a science journalist (even when I am writing about other topics that are not directly related to science). I work for Observador, an online newspaper, and occasionally freelance for international media outlets.
I often write about health and well-being and about astronomy and astrophysics, topics that easily attract readers. But I also write about biology (my original field), physics, environment, and other areas where science intersects with citizens and their daily lives. I do not miss the opportunity to engage my audience on topics that seem relevant to me, to correct false or incorrect information, and to debunk myths.
I strive to bring quality science information to the public and promote the empowerment of science journalists and communicators to fulfill this same goal. I am the former president of SciComPt (Portuguese Science and Technology Communication Network) and I collaborate regularly with the World Federation of Science Journalists.

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