Zuze Sebastian Matoliro

Communications and Engagement Officer

Member since Aug 2023

Zuze Matoliro is an experienced media and communications specialist with his professional trajectory touching on science communication, media, and community engagement.

He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Malawi. Currently, he works as a Communications and Engagement Officer for Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme, a Malawian-based clinical research institution, having joined the organization in 2021. Among other duties, he writes for the research organisation’s website and other outlets. He designs and implements strategic science communication models.

Besides his professional footprints at MLW, he has also worked as a journalist for 2 years at the now-defunct Ufulu Radio Station, where he was responsible for news gathering, writing, and editing.

In addition, he has professional stints in research and marketing communications having served as a lecturer at METI University’s department of Journalism and Media Studies.

To ensure that his works are well aligned with the development objectives and are impacting lives across the global he is a member of the Global Science Communication Network, a platform for science communication knowledge and experience exchange.

https://www.mlw.mw/news_and_events/beach-clinics-are-cardinal-in-addressing-schistosomiasis-and-hiv-mlws-fish-study-hints/ ( This story highlights the findings of schistosomiasis study that Malawi Liverpool Wellcome programme conducted on the lakeshores in Malawi)


https://www.mlw.mw/news_and_events/mlw-nurses-join-the-national-nurses-day-celebrations-in-mulanje/ ( The story is about  2023's national Nurses and Midwives celebration that was held at one of the camps for cyclone freddy survivors to essentially offer health services)  


https://www.mlw.mw/news_and_events/mlw-kickstarts-the-2023-2024-jir-trainings ( This story was about the training programme that Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme  runs to equip journalists with science communication stories.)

https://www.mlw.mw/news_and_events/mlws-virology-research-group-trains-community-engagement-and-involvement-members-in-gastrointestinal-infections-study/ ( The story is about a workshop that MLW's  research group held for   it's public patient involvement group  to share more information about the study in question)


https://www.mlw.mw/news_and_events/community-radio-listening-clubs-applaud-tidziwe-za-ma-virus-radio-programme/ ( This is about the a radio programme that Malawi Liverpool wellcome Programme introduced to educate malawians in rural settings about COVID-19 pandemic)


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